Positions on BiC waveguides available

Published on 2024-01-18, by Dimitris Trypogeorgos.

Are you looking for an internship, a fully-funded PhD or a post-doc position?

We currently have 2 positions open at any level for people interested in studying polariton band engineering and the manipulation of BiC polariton condensates. The positions offered will focus on investigating these novel geometries and phenomena using the GaAs/AlGaAs platform. This will give you the opportunity to design and fully characterize your samples.

You will be granted full access to our facilities, including a cutting edge €10 million optical laboratory with cryogenic systems (down to a few tens of milli-Kelvin and up to 9 Tesla), ultrafast lasers (from fs to ns), streak cameras, and a low-temperature SNOM. Are you interested? Or are just curious? Read more on our recent papers in Nature and Naure Physics.

Please contact Dimitris for more information.

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