We are organising a predoctorate school on polaritonics in April 2024. Sign up today!

Predoctorate school in polaritonics

Published on 2023-11-06, by Dimitrios Trypogeorgos.

We are organising a predoctorate school in polaritonics that will take place in Lecce in April 8 - 12, 2024.

The school is a gateway to the fascinating realm of quantum photonics in solid-state devices. Whether you're an undergraduate or recent graduate, our program is designed to provide you with essential knowledge, laying the foundation for an exciting Ph.D. course in this cutting-edge field. The program is dedicated to exploring light-matter interactions at the quantum scale, covering a wide range of physics concepts from Bose-Einstein condensation to quantum fluids of light, with a focus on the behaviour of atoms, photons, and polaritons.

Please have a look here for more details.

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