Rotational and scattering dynamics of quantized vortices

Published on 2018-06-05, by Daniele Sanvitto.

A pair of quantized vortices within a fluid of light and matter can evolve along trajectories analogous to the interaction of two point-like scattering particles. This was demonstrated by the experimental team at Institute of nanotechnology of Cnr in Lecce, Italy in collaboration with SDSU's Prof. Carretero in a recent study published in Nature Communications.

Vortices have a special charm, and not surprisingly, show up everywhere in nature, from cosmological scales of galaxies and black holes to large scale atmospheric tornadoes and cyclones, from smaller eddies and whirlpools in rivers and streams, up to the world of art and of spiraling shapes that have inspired artists like Van Gogh and Klimt. Their spiral patterns opening from their core to infinity invite us to reflect on the origins of the universe and on the physical meaning of their existence. Read more here and here.

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