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Annalisa Coriolano

PhD student

Annalisa has published 3 articles with us. The most recent ones are:

1. Rydberg polaritons in ReS2 crystals, A. Coriolano, L. Polimeno, M. Pugliese, A. Cannavale, D. Trypogeorgos, A.D. Renzo, V. Ardizzone, A. Rizzo, D. Ballarini, G. Gigli, V. Maiorano, A.S. Rosyadi, C.-A. Chuang, C.-H. Ho, L. De Marco, D. Sanvitto, M. De Giorgi, Science Advances 8(47) (2022)
2. Tuning of the Berry curvature in 2D perovskite polaritons, L. Polimeno, G. Lerario, M. De Giorgi, L. De Marco, L. Dominici, F. Todisco, A. Coriolano, V. Ardizzone, M. Pugliese, C.T. Prontera, V. Maiorano, A. Moliterni, C. Giannini, V. Olieric, G. Gigli, D. Ballarini, Q. Xiong, A. Fieramosca, D.D. Solnyshkov, G. Malpuech, D. Sanvitto, Nature Nanotechnology 16(12) 1349--1354 (2021)
3. Improved photostability in fluorinated 2d perovskite single crystals, A. Coriolano, L. Polimeno, M. De Giorgi, F. Todisco, R. Mastria, V. Ardizzone, L. Dominici, D. Ballarini, A. Rizzo, G. Gigli, D. Sanvitto, L. De Marco, Nanomaterials 11(2) 1--9 (2021)
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