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Charly Leblanc


Charly is a postdoc working on quantum fluids of light. Keep an eye on his achievements on his personal website.

Charly has published 1 articles with us. The most recent ones are:

1. Experimental investigation of a non-Abelian gauge field in 2D perovskite photonic platform, L. Polimeno, A. Fieramosca, G. Lerario, L. De Marco, M. De Giorgi, D. Ballarini, L. Dominici, V. Ardizzone, M. Pugliese, C.T. Prontera, V. Maiorano, G. Gigli, C. Leblanc, G. Malpuech, D.D. Solnyshkov, D. Sanvitto, Optica 8(11) 1442 -- 1447 (2021)
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