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Daniele Sanvitto

CNR staff, director

My research revolves around the intriguing domain of strong light-matter coupling, leading to the emergence of novel quasiparticles known as exciton-polaritons. My interests encompass the study of various materials and nanostructured systems, including both inorganic semiconductors and organic/hybrid 2D materials where these hybrid particles form. This extends to investigating quantum fluids of light, such as out-of-equilibrium Bose-Einstein Condensates, particularly when formed in specifically engineered band structures, of which, the topology, can be artificially designed. These fundamental studies have tremendous potential applications, ranging from ultrafast, low-power optical components and lasers to the realms of quantum computation and neuromorphic computing. Through this pioneering research, we aim to unlock new frontiers in understanding and harnessing the fundamental interactions between light and matter.

Daniele has published 107 articles with us. The most recent ones are:

1. Coupled quantum vortex kinematics and Berry curvature in real space, Lorenzo Dominici, Amir Rahmani, David Colas, Dario Ballarini, Milena De Giorgi, Giuseppe Gigli, Daniele Sanvitto, Fabrice Laussy, Nina Voronova, Communications Physics 6(1) 197 (2023)
2. Conformal-Invariance of 2D Quantum Turbulence in an Exciton-Polariton Fluid of Light, Riccardo Panico, Alessandra Lanotte, Dimitrios Trypogeorgos, Giuseppe Gigli, Milena De Giorgi, Daniele Sanvitto, Dario Ballarini, (arXiv:2306.17530) (2023)
3. Collective Excitations of a Bound-in-the-Continuum Condensate, Anna Grudinina, Maria Efthymiou-Tsironi, Vincenzo Ardizzone, Fabrizio Riminucci, Milena Giorgi, Dimitris Trypogeorgos, Kirk Baldwin, Loren Pfeiffer, Dario Ballarini, Daniele Sanvitto, Nina Voronova, Nature Communications 14(1) 3464 (2023)
4. Optically Reconfigurable Molecules of Topological Bound States in the Continuum, Antonio Gianfrate, Helgi Sigurdsson, Vincenzo Ardizzone, Hai Nguyen, Fabrizio Riminucci, Maria Efthymiou-Tsironi, Kirk Baldwin, Loren Pfeiffer, Dimitrios Trypogeorgos, Milena De Giorgi, Dario Ballarini, Hai Nguyen, Daniele Sanvitto, (arXiv:2301.08477) (2023)
5. Roadmap on perovskite nanophotonics, Cesare Soci, Giorgio Adamo, Daniele Cortecchia, Kaiyang Wang, Shumin Xiao, Qinghai Song, Anna Schall-Giesecke, Piotr Cegielski, Max Lemme, Dario Gerace, Daniele Sanvitto, Jingyi Tian, Pavel Tonkaev, Sergey Makarov, Yuri Kivshar, Oscar Jimenez Gordillo, Andrea Melloni, Anatoly Pushkarev, Marianna D'Amato, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Alberto Bramati, Optical Materials: X 17 (2023)
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