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Dimitris Trypogeorgos

CNR staff, researcher

I am an atomic physicist by trade. During my PhD at the University of Oxford I developed new trapping techniques for ultra cold atoms and ions. Later on, as a postdoctoral research at the Joint Quantum Institute I worked with spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates and cyclically coupled, topologically non-trivial systems. After a short stay as a fellow at UNITN working on BEC hydrodynamics I developed an interest in polaritonic systems. These systems offer new perspectives on the physics of BECs along with new challenges. Physics is wonderfully connected in this way and allows us to study different implementations of the same underlying models.

Dimitris has published 9 articles with us. The most recent ones are:

1. Conformal-Invariance of 2D Quantum Turbulence in an Exciton-Polariton Fluid of Light, Riccardo Panico, Alessandra Lanotte, Dimitrios Trypogeorgos, Giuseppe Gigli, Milena De Giorgi, Daniele Sanvitto, Dario Ballarini, (arXiv:2306.17530) (2023)
2. Collective Excitations of a Bound-in-the-Continuum Condensate, Anna Grudinina, Maria Efthymiou-Tsironi, Vincenzo Ardizzone, Fabrizio Riminucci, Milena Giorgi, Dimitris Trypogeorgos, Kirk Baldwin, Loren Pfeiffer, Dario Ballarini, Daniele Sanvitto, Nina Voronova, Nature Communications 14(1) 3464 (2023)
3. Optically Reconfigurable Molecules of Topological Bound States in the Continuum, Antonio Gianfrate, Helgi Sigurdsson, Vincenzo Ardizzone, Hai Nguyen, Fabrizio Riminucci, Maria Efthymiou-Tsironi, Kirk Baldwin, Loren Pfeiffer, Dimitrios Trypogeorgos, Milena De Giorgi, Dario Ballarini, Hai Nguyen, Daniele Sanvitto, (arXiv:2301.08477) (2023)
4. Onset of vortex clustering and inverse energy cascade in dissipative quantum fluids, R. Panico, P. Comaron, M. Matuszewski, A.S. Lanotte, D. Trypogeorgos, G. Gigli, M. Giorgi, V. Ardizzone, D. Sanvitto, D. Ballarini, Nature Photonics 17(5) 451 -- 456 (2023)
5. Multi-Mode Fiber Reservoir Computing Overcomes Shallow Neural Networks Classifiers, Daniele Ancora, Matteo Negri, Antonio Gianfrate, Dimitris Trypogeorgos, Lorenzo Dominici, Daniele Sanvitto, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi, Luca Leuzzi, (arXiv:2210.04745) (2022)
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