Johannes Bürger is visiting us

Published on 2023-09-25, by Dimitris Trypogeorgos.

Johannes Bürger is a soon-to-graduate PhD student at the Chair in Hybrid Nanosystems of Prof. Stefan A. Maier (LMU Munich). He is working on a variety of topics involving 3D-nanoprinting, hollow-core waveguides, metasurfaces for OAM holography, chiral BIC metasurfaces, and nanoparticle spectroscopy. He will give a talk about:

3D-nanoprinted hollow-core waveguides for on-chip applications

Hollow-core fibers have emerged as a promising alternative to conventional step-index fibers in areas such as optical communication, ultrafast laser physics, and biochemical analysis as they allow light to be guided directly inside the medium of interest. However, being made out of glass, such fibers are not compatible with on-chip fabrication techniques hindering their use in integrated handheld devices.

Here, we use 3D-nanoprinting via two-photon polymerization to implement different types of hollow-core waveguides directly on a chip. This approach improves on conventional hollow-core architectures by allowing side-wise diffusive access to the core region. We report on two recent realizations of such waveguides, the light cage and the microgap waveguide, and their application in passive gas and liquid sensing.

Furthermore, we show that 3D-nanoprinting can be used to implement twisted waveguides with very high twist rates. Theory, simulation, and first experimental results of circular dichroism in such waveguides will be presented.

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