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Paolo Comaron joined the group as a fixed-term researcher. Paolo was previously working at the UCL theory group on GPE numerical simulations in polaritonic system...

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Deborah joined us as a postdoc after completing her PhD in the Quantum matter group at the University of Innsbruck. She will be working on setting up a new e...

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Nicolas Cherroret from Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in Paris is visiting us to talk about his most recent results on out-of-equilibr...



Dr. Annalisa Coriolano is leaving Lecce after spending a few years with us as a PhD student. She developed a number of methods in two-dimensional materials and characterised their properties. Good ...

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Ioannis Leontis carried out his PhD at the University of Exeter about the “Study of electron transport through graphene homojunctions and optoelectronic characterization of 2D perovskites”. His res...

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Dr. Riccardo Panico, after successfully defending his thesis cum laude is moving to the University of Bonn to work on Bose-Einstein condensates ...

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Ioannis is a PhD student at ETH and IBM and will spend a couple of months with us working on an all-optical implementation of topological lattice ...

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Johannes Bürger is a soon-to-graduate PhD student at the Chair in Hybrid Nanosystems of Prof. Stefan A. Maier (LMU Munich). He is working on a variety of topics involving 3D-nanoprinting, hollow-co...

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Grazia is an Academy Research Fellow from Aalto University, Finland, previously a Marie-Curie Fellow in the group of Päivi Törmä. Her interests ...

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Clara is a PhD student from the from the Multifunctional Materials Group (CSIC-US) at the Institute of Materials Science of Seville ans id doing a research...

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Mateusz comes from the Exciton-polariton research group at the University of Warsaw and will spend a month with us working on perovskites.

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